Skywing ARS300 91" build log

Just arrived from (, absolutely perfect.

Proper unpacking at last

What a scheme

Shiny, very shiny

Phenomenal finish

The removable rudder on, easiest ever (PilotRC please take notice, I nearly lost my mind with every PilotRC doing this)

Pre-fitted extension leads

Undercarriage on, canopy off, those magnetic pins are just magic

Holes already cut for control horns :slight_smile:

Wings and stabs on, again those magnetic pins, wow

Beautiful, what a finish

Bottom holes, wooden bracing, holes cut, most impressed

Cowl on, all screws aligned perfectly

All assembled bar the wheels

All the bits safely packed away till I get to building this model

Big shot for sizing

I really like the double holders, makes the canopy really secure. I wonder why the Extra NG doesnโ€™t have this.

Nice roundy tank & holders

FrSky TDR18 installed

Control horns on elevators