PilotRC Sky Wolf Build

My PilotRC Sky Wolf build story.

Fuel tank with vent line loop held in by cable ties.

Fuel filler, ignition indicator light and Jeti power switch fitted. The power on/off magnet held to the fuse by a penny washer glued inside the fuse.

The smiling Wolf, cowl attached, and massive 23x8 prop.

It’s a big plane (88" wingspan)

Removed the triangle stock.

Cut of 6mm carbon laminated ply plate to give some strength and spacing. Place on inside of the firewall and drill through existing holes.

Epoxy into place.

Cut a large hole for the carb

I fitted the motor with secraft 50mm standoffs, and still need an additional 2 penny washer to space out, and since the maiden I’ve added another 2 as the spinner backplate was rubbing the cowl when the motor was running.

KST BLS815 servos all round, except for the rudder which has a BLS825.

My left elevator hinges were not glued in properly, the hinge line was off center and the elevator didn’t have free movement in both directions, so had to pull it out and redo it.

As I was fitting a DLE55RA and caninster I needed the rudder servo in the tail, and the position of the rudder horn really didn’t work well. So I cut the original one off and fitted a new one in a more suitable posiiton.

New horn fitted

3 x 2200 35C 2S Zippy compact in a foamboard holder. CG still a little too far forward, but it flys just fine.

Very nice!! Looking forward to seeing the maiden…

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