PilotRC Laser 88"

Box open

Removable rudder

Rod hole in the wrong position had to create another one with a small pointed file. It was a lot of trouble getting the rod installed so it won’t be coming off.
NOTE: I did my new Skywing ARS300 91", the rod was already inserted in the rudder, so I just had to open the grub screw, pull the rod out, put the rudder in place, and stick the rod back in, and it went in like a hot knife through butter. PilotRC really do need to improve this experience as it was the same on my Edge 540v3 and Extra 330sc.

Rod installed at last


Hinge lines sealed underneath (nice)

Wings wrapped in bubble wrap.

Just beautiful


Rudder attached

Inside shot

The cowl has some scuff marks from the plastic bag (can’t see them in the photo) , perhaps PilotRC could consider bubble wrap instead.

Cowl attached.

Removable rudder rod directly above the tail wheel, design flaw or perhaps the bolt holes weren’t put in the right place.

The various bit in a storage box so I can dispense with the cardboard box