AeroplusRC Petrol Edge 540 76" build log

Components: (will add links later)

  • AeroplusRC Edge 540 76"
  • DLE35RA
  • 2 x KST BLS815 (Elevators)
  • 4 x Kingmax CLS2008S (Ailerons, Rudder, throttle)
  • 6Star hobby fuel dot
  • Jeti DPS40 power switch
  • 3 x ZOHD Li-Ion 2S 3500mah batteries
  • 6Star 350ml fuel tank
  • FrSky RB10 redundancy box
  • FrSky X8R & xm+ receivers
  • SpotOnRC carbon spinner
  • 6Star 19x8 wood prop
  • Kuza servo arms

Let the build begin

Undercarriage installed, blind nuts already in the fuse, need to remember to thread lock these.

Motor mounting template…

CAUTION: The motor indications are wrong, the DLE35RA goes in the wider bottom holes, the narrower ones are for the DLE30/40 & EME35.

Firewall drilled and standoffs installed. The holes in the template are smaller than the bolt holes so drill them out accordingly.

Motor installed, time to test fit the cowl.

A bot more clearance than I like, but I’ll stick with it (same as my PilotRC Extra 330 78")

Spinner test fit, I think it will need to be sprayed white.

Rudder servo fitted (Kingmax CLS2008 HV)

Rudder fitted, used Gorilla clear glue, clean off excess with IPA, brushed lots over the hinges, will move them every 15 mins till it hardens.

Elevator servos with extensions fitted. KST BLS815.

360ml 6Start fuel tank installed, will probably replace clunk with felt one.

Rough and ready manual choke, lollipop stick glued across for rigidity.

Choke with cowl attached

Firewall area painted with diluted epoxy

Insides painted with diluted epoxy

Groove cut out for muffer, will coat with epoxy.
Don’t forget to drill a hole for the fuel line (I did and had to remove the motor later to make one)

Copper loctite to mount muffer.

Hand tight for one hour then tighten fully.

Motor re-installed, firewall has another layer of epoxy

Cowl marked up approx for exhaust exit

Not enough solid wood for fitting the 6star fuel dot, so…

Filler and backing plate glued into place, used Gorilla clear and soaked with thin CA once in place.

Just visible from the outside.

Fuel dot fitted

View from the inside

Rough cowl cut, will extend towards front and add additional exit holes towards the rear.

Final rough cut

Sanded smooth and test fitted, may need a notch for the plug cap.

Some more fettling on the cowl, increased the size of the holes and made them more symmetrical

Fitted, looks better than the first attempt.

Some nice RJX canopy screws.

Throttle servo installed, I decided not to mount in the motor box, and used an PilotRC servo mount I had lying around.

Jeti DPS-40 switch installed.

Jeti DPS-40 with XT30 adapters installed in the fuse.

FrSky RB-10 with silicone wires and XT30 connectors

Primary X8R receiver mounted in foam

RB-10 & Jeti DPS-40 fitted and wired up.

FrSky xm+ mounted to foamboard and connected to RB-10

Forgot about a hole for the fuel line, so had to pull motor off and drill one.

This is my second AeroplusRC Edge, and I’ve finally figured out how to do the rotating wheel pants, essentially you have a nyloc bolt on each side of the pant and that is how you tighten then so then can rotate, but don’t rotate too freely.

Wheel pants installed.

Looking excellent so far!!

Will you put the jeti switch underneath or elsewhere?

Probably beside the fuel dot, definitely not inside as it’s petrol and won’t be removing the canopy after each flight