AeroplusRC Electric Edge 540 76" build

Just unpacked the fuse, bit of a colour mismatch with the canopy.

Wrapping off, carbon undercarriage installed.

Various bits come packaged in individual bags based on where the are to be used. Couple of things missing, no rudder hinges and no bolts for the horizontal stablisers.

Carbon reinforcements on the stringers.

Test fit the control horn. I discovered that two of the hinges were not glued in ;(

Rudder and elevator horns glued in

Nice pic of it mostly assembled, cowl a different shade of gold to everything else.

Tail wheel installed

Main wheels and pants on

Motor assembled with prop. Joker 380kv V3, basically a rebranded Dualsky V2.

Motor fitted, needs about 18mm of spacing.

Spacers made from 6mm carbon laminated ply, now if I only had bolts long enough :slight_smile:

Battery holder

Uploading: image.png…

Cowl and spinner fitted

Receiver 2 (xm+) attached to some foamboard

Lots of lead up front for balance

Before the maiden

After some successful flights

This model is a pure joy to fly, very aerobatic yet very confidence-inspiring. The Joker 380kv motor with 18x10 Super Electro Line prop, Turnigy Plush-32 150A, and China Hobby Line 6S 5000mah 65c batts proving to be a brilliant combination.

60g has been taken off the nose and it flys perfectly, knife edge is a breeze, considering removing another 60g.